Solutions for (Re)Insurers

With the relentless speed of insurance innovation, Boost helps you keep up.
We partner with (re)insurance companies that want access to insurtech startup innovation, but may not want to dedicate significant internal resources to direct one-off programs.

The Boost Insurtech Platform™ provides:

Best-in-Class Insurtech Partners

We only partner with the most innovative insurtech startups with significant upside potential. We filter out the noise and give our (re)insurance partners access to the best opportunities.

Venture Capital, Technology, and Insurance Expertise

Our approach is unique in the industry. Our team brings together insurance experience with technology and startup expertise. We are a fully end-to-end solution that actually facilitates the development and sale of insurance.

Modern Technology

We are building the new standard for the display, transfer, and management of insurance policy data. The days of inconsistent and unreliable data, long and painful integration processes, and poor end-user experience are over.

Ability to Focus on Core Business

Startups and technology are not always at the forefront of a major insurance operation. Boost provides a full-service startup engagement program at an arm’s length - allowing you to focus on your core existing business with an eye still on the future.

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