"Insurance Sucks"

This is probably what you're thinking right now. And we agree. Every day new and interesting ideas fail to get to market because they get lost in a maze of complexity and die slow, painful deaths. The insurance industry needs to change. Too much of it is buried in enough paperwork to kill a rain forest, archaic technology, and a glacial pace of adopting innovation.
So we are rebuilding it...from scratch.
At Boost we are flipping this industry on its head and redefining what it means to be an insurance company. We are powering the future of insurance by combining modern technology with an insatiable appetite for new and unique insurance products.
After all, you can't reinvent an industry
if you don't think differently.

Working with Us

We are a dynamic team that brings a unique perspective to the industry. We come from the venture capital, technology and insurance worlds.

With us you can...

  • Take on the challenge: Work with people who see challenges as untested opportunities and who dive head first into finding solutions
  • Create it and own it: Everyone at Boost is a creator and an owner. Take your position and run with it.
  • Expect transparency: You want to know what's going on, we want you to be informed. The more we work together the more successful we'll all be.
  • Always laugh: Don't take yourself too seriously, we surely don't. Celebrate the victories, learn from the mistakes, and enjoy the ride.

Current Openings

Come join our team... and give us a boost (sorry, we had to!)

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